At NICOLETTI LAW, PLC, we specialize in copyright and trademark infringement litigation. The firm has over 24 years of experience in litigating cases in federal courts throughout the country, state circuit and district courts, as well as many other forums.


A copyright is (international symbol: ©) a set of exclusive rights regarding the use of a particular expression of an idea or information. In other words, it is literally "the right to copy" an original creation. It is also the least expensive form of protection that can be acquired by authors of “original works of authorship.” An original work of authorship includes:

  • movies
  • drawings
  • books
  • works of art
  • music
  • textile and jewelry designs
  • photographs
  • lyrics
  • computer programs
  • paintings
  • architectural works, including blue prints and maps

At NICOLETTI LAW, PLC, we represent the movie industry, music industry, musicians, actors, artists, television producers, and authors, as well as Fortune 500 companies and other organizations. We have the experience and expertise to assist you in preventing the infringement of your copyrights, and seeking damages from infringers. Our attorneys excel at handling all types copyright infringement matters.

If you would like to discuss these or any other intellectual property concerns, we encourage you to contact any of our attorneys. More information regarding copyrights can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office website,

Trademarks and Trade Dress

Practically anything is capable of functioning as a trademark, including a word, a phrase, a letter or letters , a number or series of numbers (346 for clothing), a pictorial scene, a smell (a fresh fruity fragrance reminiscent of oranges for paint strippers), a sound (the sound of a ringing cash register for notification services that funds have been deposited), a color (pink for insulation), packaging, (a fanciful bottle or label for alcoholic beverages) and product configurations (the shape of a lamp, for example).

Before you select, begin use of and build equity in your trademark, we suggest that a thorough search is undertaken to determine whether your selected mark may be in conflict with an already existing mark.

Unlike many competing law firms that bill their clients entirely at hourly rates, many aspects of NICOLETTI LAW, PLC’s practice are billed at flat fixed rates and/or on a contingency basis.

Feel free to contact NICOLETTI LAW, PLC for a free copyright/trademark infringement consultation. More detailed information regarding trademarks can be obtained from the United States Patent and Trademark Office website,

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